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A primary objective of the Oxton Society is to ensure that the special character of the Conservation Area is maintained and enhanced.  The purpose of our Design Award scheme is to encourage and celebrate projects which contribute to this.


Awards are made at the Society’s AGM.  To be eligible nominate projects must be located within the Conservation Area and have been completed within the two years prior to the AGM.  A wide range and scale of projects, both residential and commercial, are eligible for consideration including:

  • A new building
  • An addition to an existing building
  • A renovation, upgrade or repair of an existing building
  • The renovation, repair or improvement of outside features within the curtilage of the property, such as boundary walls, hard and soft landscaping, including tree planting.

Award Criteria

In assessing projects for an award the Society will have regard to the following criteria:

  • Making a positive contribution to the character of the Conservation Area
  • The quality of the design and its sensitivity to the context in which the project is located
  • The skilful use of appropriate materials
  • Creating a visible example of good practice which can inspire future projects of its type
  • Takes account of energy efficiency issues, where appropriate
  • Compliance with the approved planning framework for the Conservation Area

Assessment of projects

Projects will be assessed by the Society’s Executive Committee against the criteria above, taking into account advice from a panel of independent experts.  The Committee’s decision will be final.

Award Presentation

Providing that eligible projects of sufficient merit have been submitted, awards will be presented annually at the AGM.  More than one award may be made if multiple projects of sufficient merit have been submitted.  The most outstanding projects(s) will win the Society’s Design Award and be presented with a plaque.  Other projects of merit may be awarded a Certificate of Commendation.

How to nominate projects

In addition to the website, the Society will publicise and seek nominations for the Award widely in the Newsletter, on social media and on our notice board in the village. Nominations can be made by members of the Society at any time during the year. You should send nominations to the Society by email or post (see “Contact Us”). Ideally nominations should be accompanied by a few photos showing “before” and “after” if appropriate, and a summary of the work undertaken.  

CLOSING DATE FOR THE 2023 AWARD  WILL BE 30th September, 2023. Note that any project completed after Sept 2021 can be nominated.



The 2020 Design Award goes to Rob and Sally Warnock for a beautifully executed two storey side extension to Beechwood, 21 Poplar Road. The property is a large and imposing mid-19th Century villa of great character and the extension is in a visually prominent position on Poplar Road. The Panel were unanimous in their praise for the quality of design and skilful use of materials which resulted in a “seamless” addition which “will settle down to being a natural part of Oxton”.  The project’s designer/architect was Mrs Susan Evans of Castree Design, West Kirby, and the builder was Martin Polemba of Lakeside TSBC, West Kirby, who made the project possible in difficult circumstances during the Covid 19 Regulations.

A Commendation is awarded to Henry and Jo Hipps for the careful conversion of an existing garage to a garden room and the construction of a new garage at West Ridge Lodge, Ingestre Road. The panel were impressed by the quality of the new build work which is sympathetic to the character of the property, dating back to1864, which was originally the stables and coachhouse for West Ridge. The work, which was undertaken by Marius Vysniauskas of Confidence Builders Ltd, used reclaimed sandstone, lintels and stable cobbles. 


Details of Design Awards and Commendations from previous years can be viewed here


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