Tree Works

Protection for all trees in the Conservation Area 

The law provides protection for all trees in the Conservation Area with a trunk diameter of 7.5cm in diameter (about 3 inches) or more, at chest height. The protection includes the roots. All proposals for work on trees must be notified to the Tree Preservation Officer of Wirral Borough Council at least 6 weeks before the work is commenced. Click here for a form to notify the Council of your intention to do tree work. You can also apply on line via the Planning Portal. You will need to set up an account and select “Tree Works: Trees in conservation areas or subject to TPOs” from the list.

The Council’s consent is not required for any tree that is dead or dangerous. However, anybody proposing to cut down such a tree is advised to give five day’s written notice, unless it’s an emergency. The removal of deadwood/broken branches are also exempt.

You could be prosecuted if the Council considers you have carried out unauthorised work. If in doubt, check with the Wirral Council’s Tree Preservation Officer by email ( or phone 0151 606 2004.

The Society’s approach to tree work proposals 

When the Council receives a proposal to undertake work on trees in the Conservation Area it asks the Society for its comments. We have a Tree Group which prepares the comments. The Society is an Advisory Body and any comments it makes are taken into account but do not have to be endorsed. Ultimately, decisions on proposals are the responsibility of the Council.

The Society tries to make its judgments in an impartial and informed manner. It always emphasises the impact of the proposed work on the treescape as viewed from the public domain. The Tree Group works within its code of practice which can be viewed here.


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