Tree Planting Fund – now ended

Trees make an essential contribution to the quality of the Conservation Area and the Oxton Society has a commitment to promote and protect them.

The Society encourages the planting of trees and established a Tree Planting Fund to pay for the sourcing and planting of trees on members’ properties in the Conservation Area.  We have decided to end the Tree Planting Fund as from April 2022 whilst honouring our commitment to projects already approved for 2022.  In future, the Society would generally as a rule, not fund the purchase of trees for members, but would adopt a discretionary funding approach and look at each proposal on its own meritsand try to ensure that residents purchase an appropriate tree and that they are supported in its planting by offering expert advice and source of trees including advice on appropriate trees and support in selection and planting of trees from Port Sunlight Trust.


The fund has planted over 60 trees since the scheme was launched in 2006/07: some of these are pictured above.


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