Tree Planting Fund

Trees make an essential contribution to the quality of the Conservation Area and the Oxton Society has a commitment to promote and protect them.

The Society encourages the planting of trees and has established a Tree Planting Fund to pay for the sourcing and planting of trees on members’ properties in the Conservation Area.

The trees chosen for Tree Fund support will be those that will attain a significant stature to contribute to the treescape for future generations. An extensive list of trees suitable for planting in Oxton has been prepared and it provides comments about the trees’ characteristics. However, we are always willing to consider other suggestions and the selection of a particular tree for planting is always discussed and agreed with the property owner.

The fund has planted over 60 trees since the scheme was launched in 2006/07: some of these are pictured above.

As the trees planted under the scheme are intended to contribute to the future treescape of the Conservation Area approval is limited to their planting in a place which is visible to members of the public. This usually means near the frontage of the property.

The scheme is open to any member whose property is within the Conservation Area and includes individual, household or corporate membership. More than one tree on a single property can be funded. The terms for planting under the scheme include a requirement that the owners undertake to generously water the newly planted tree(s) on a regular and frequent basis throughout the first growing season

Details and conditions of the fund can be found in the Tree PlantinFund details

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