Executive Committee

The Society is managed by an Executive Committee, which meets every two months. The approved minutes of the Executive Committee are available to view.

The current members of the Executive Committee, with their areas of responsibility, are:

  • Rhiannon Evans (Chair)
  • Jeff Willis (Vice Chair)
  • Alan Chape (Secretary)
  • Griff Round (Treasurer)
  • Bob Knowles (History Group)
  • Dave Barden (Membership Secretary)
  • Patrick Toosey (Recruitment)
  • Steve Weber (Planning & Amenities)
  • Ann Fordham (Publicity & Communications)
  • Jane Horton
  • Steve Ferguson
  • John Booth (Hanging Baskets)
  • Karen Freeman (Business Liaison)
  • Chris Jarrey (Publicity & Communications)
  • Carolyn Weber (Minutes Secretary)
  • Cllr. Alan Brighouse
  • Cllr. Paul Doughty
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