With great reluctance the Society has decided not to go forward with the Hanging Baskets for this year. A major factor in our decision is the impact of the social distancing measures introduced by the government. We are faced with the prospect of asking theSociety’s lead group of volunteers, many of whom fall within the priority category for self-isolation, to undertake the following actions:

1 replace many of the hanging basket brackets which have reached the end of their safe life;

2 check and where necessary repair the automatic watering system which feeds the baskets and has distribution points throughout the village centre: and

3 put up the baskets which, in many cases, are of a considerable weight and size.

Furthermore, the government’s recently introduced and ongoing measures to restrict many business activities, mean that there can be no guarantee that all the businesses in the village will remain open for the duration of the hanging baskets season. The Society would then be faced with further problems in gaining access to properties to fix any water supply problems.

The Society is very disappointed that we have been forced to take this action. We are only too aware of how much the hanging basket display has been appreciated and is a crucial part of the three successive Britain in Bloom awards achieved for the village. We also greatlyregretthe impact this will have on our long-standing basket suppliers and friends at Dovecote Nurseries.


We can only hope that the unprecedented measures adopted can be removed in time for the 2021 display. The last thing we want to do is abandon this initiative.

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