The Oxton Society AGM will be held on Wednseday Sept 29th at 7.30pm at St Saviour’s Parish Centre


We have not been able to have an Annual General Meeting  since 2019. We have considered all the options available as we return to normal. St Saviour’s can accommodate us and we have decided that a face to face meeting would be the most inclusive. We have stripped back the agenda to the essential business: approving the annual reports and accounts and electing officers and members of the executive committee. You will also see from the final page of the Annual Report that we will be saying goodbye to some very important members of the committee who have contributed so much over many years.
The Agenda
  1. Chair’s welcome
  2. Minutes of last AGM, September 25th, 2019: (click here to view)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chair’s Report (click here to view) and approval of Annual Report – a summary of highlights and achievements 2019-2021, discussion and questions
  5. Accounts and approval of Treasurer’s report (see p7 of the Annual Report), discussion and questions
  6. Nomination and Election of Executive Committee Members and Officers
  7. Tribute to outgoing members Patrick Toosey, Steve Ferguson and Carolyn Weber
  8. Motions (to be notified prior to the meeting to the Secretary)
  9. The future

Close of meeting (9,00pm at the latest)


You can view the minutes of the last AGM, held in Sept 2019, here.

You can view the Chair’s Annual Report and the formal Agenda ,including nominations for Officers and Executive Committee, here.

We very much hope that you will join us on September 29th. We have two vacancies on the committee and we would be delighted to receive nominations. Please have a word with the Secretary, Alan Chape, if you would like to know more. 




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