Today we have learnt from Councillor Allan Brame that the Council’s Planning Enforcement Officer has determined that the mural which was painted on the gable end of Home last month is an advertisement under Section 336 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


In the email received outlining the Council’s decision, the head of enforcement says:

Letters will be sent tomorrow to the owner of the land and to the Tranmere Rovers Trust (who have commissioned the painting) advising that the unauthorised display of an advertisement constitutes an offence (for which they are liable to prosecution in the Magistrates Court) and that they should either permanently remove the unauthorised advertisement or apply for retrospective advertisement consent. If they fail to take one of those steps, the Council will consider the instigation of a prosecution.

In terms of timescales, we have requested that they take one of the steps outlined above within 21 days of the date of our letter. If we receive no response, we will send a final warning giving a further 7 days to carry out the steps. If they contact us to confirm that they are willing to cooperate, we may be minded to offer a small extension to those deadlines if appropriate. If they fail to take any steps to remedy the issue, we will instruct the Council’s Legal department to instigate a prosecution.”

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